Saturday, August 29, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥ Give away!!! / Sorteo!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

If you have notice we change the look and feel of my blog :D
and to celebrate this and also the 1500 visits, I'm giving a Free pattern deal, this consist in 3 of YOUR favorite patterns in my shop :D, this are the contest rules...


leave a comment about this entry and tell me which are your favorite 3 patterns in the shop and what do you think aboout the new look.

Step 2.
suggest me a new character, that you would love to see in amigurumi.

Step 3.
post this give away on your blog.

You have until the 4th of September to leave your comments :)
The winner will be chosen using

P.S. Coming soon... another promotion - keep visiting :)


Por si ya lo notaron, he cambiado el look del blog... y para celebrarlo, junto con las 1,500 visitas estoy regalando un set de 3 de sus patrones favoritas!!! estas son las reglas para participar

Paso 1.
dejar un comentario de cuales son sus patrones favoritos de la tienda y qué opinan del nuevo look :)

Paso 2.
sugerirme un personaje que les encantaría ver en amigurumi.

Paso 3.
dar a conocer este sorteo en su blog

Tienen hasta el 4 de septtiembre para participar, el ganador será elegido utilizando

P.D. Pronto... nuevas promociones, sigan visitando :)

♥ ♥ ♥ I want to give thanks to my husband, who's in charge of all the graphic side of Picuu, without him, this would look very very different :P, love u ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ Le quiero dar las gracias a mi esposo, kien esta a cargo de toda la parte visual de Picuu, sin el, esto se veria muy muy diferente :P, te amo ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Your blog looks fantastic! Love the clean lines and fun bold header.
    My 3 fave patterns are the adorable Wippo, Pucca and Garu :)


  2. Hmm.. let me think..
    My daughter keeps asking me to design the Naruto collection - but I've not got any time for it!!!

    And my favorite patterns of yours are Pucca and Garu..

  3. Okay.. Part 3 done now too :o)

    and forgot to mention - being a former multimedia designer (which is only a fancy way of saying web designer) your layout is wonderful.
    It is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and doesn't contain all the annoying glam and glitter. Very nice.

  4. My son likes the Yoshi. I would love to see a PAC-MAN... or Sonic the Hedgehog.. your patterns are really cute.

  5. me encantan pucca y su novio garu
    estan preciosos
    a mi el personaje que me encanta es hello kitty
    yo lo hecho en amigurumi
    en realidad casi todos estan hechos
    tal vez te recomiendo inventar uno
    bueno espero tener suerte y ganar
    el nuevo look esta bueno

  6. I love the color and the great big title on your blog!! Congrats on your new design.
    I browsed your pattern and I found Wippo, Pucca and Garu really irresistable.
    I'm ahige pixar fan, so any of their caracters would be great new amigurumi material. But I was looking for a amigurumu tree, perhaps it would be a special project? Thanks for the give'away, I'll post about it on my blog!!!

  7. I like the new look also, it´s bright!
    My favorite creations are the purple elephant, Wippo and Yoshi.
    I would like to see other animals.

  8. yo tambien te amo cielo, es un placer poder ayudarte con algo que te gusta tanto y que te motiva a seguir adelante -

  9. Your header is gorgeous! It's clean, pretty, and eye-catching.

    My favorite patterns are the Mario Mushrooms, the Luma, and Garu.

    I'd love to see a two-part Ponyo amigurumi pattern: one of her as a fish, and one of her as a little girl.

  10. Hola. queria preguntarte un cosa, veo que haces cosas preciosas, los patrones los diseñas tu??? es que tengo mucho capricho de hacer un muñeco pero no encuentro el ptraon por ningun lado, era por si me lo podias diseñar tu y yo t lo compro, porque yo soy muy mala haciendo cosas sin patron. gracias